Kugoin (Division of rice for the Emperor) (供御院)

Kugoin (Division of rice for the Emperor) refers to an auxiliary organization of Oiryo (Bureau of Palace Kitchens under the Ministry of the Imperial Household).


It is said that collected Miine (rice for the Emperor) which was cultivated at Kanden (imperial estates) in the Kinai region (provinces surrounding Kyoto and Nara) was allocated to Hanryo (food expense) of the Emperor, Empress and Crown Prince ("Saikyuki" (exemplary book on Heian rituals)). When Miineta (field for cultivation of rice for the Emperor) directly controlled by Oiryo was formed later, Miine cultivated at Miineta was collected.

Although Shisho (people who performed miscellaneous duties about documents) of Oiryo was appointed to Azukari (an additional post to the chief of Naizenshi) of Kugoin, but after Hironobu ISOBE was appointed to Azukari in 1002, the Isobe clan inherited a post of Azukari and the right to control Miineta for 15 generations equivalent to about 300 years. Since the Nakahara clan also came to inherit Oi no kami, Chief of Oiryo holding juristiction over Kugoin, in the same manner, it was structured to appoint the Isobe clan as Azukari based on the recommendation ('Ryokeninpu' (document of appointment by a chief of bureau) for the Isobe clan, and 'Ryokegyojo' (document of recommendation by a chief of bureau) for the imperial court) by Oi no kami assumed by the Nakahara clan. However, it is said that all disputes which frequently arose between the Nakahara clan and the Isobe clan over the right to control Miineta ended up being won by the Isobe clan ("Rinjisho" (a book describing the Emperor's command)).

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