Kuji Kongen (公事根源)

Kuji Kongen was a book on ancient practices and precedents of the imperial court written by Kaneyoshi ICHIJO during the Muromachi period. In one volume. It was also referred to as "Kuji Kongen Sho."


According to the colophon, it was written by Kaneyoshi for his disciples in 1422, and also, it was written by nineteen-year-old Kaneyoshi at the request from Seii taishogun (Commander in chief) of the Muromachi bakufu, Yoshikazu ASHIKAGA, without referring to any book. With reference to "Kenmu nenchugyoji" (Annual Ceremonies of the Kenmu Era) written by Emperor Godaigo and "Nenchu gyoji uta awase" (Annual Court Ceremonies Poetry competitions) written by Kaneyoshi's grandfather Yoshimoto NIJO, and so forth, the book contains some 100 imperial court functions from shihohai (ceremony called worship of the four quarters) on New Year's Day to tsuina (ceremony called to drive out evil spirits) on New Year's Eve in monthly order with the origin, source, details, and features. The book was considered important in later generations, and annotations such as "Kuji Kongen Shushaku" (annotation on Kuji Kongen) (Kenrin MATSUSHITA), "Kuji Kongen Guko" (My thinking on Kuji Kongen) (Fusatsune HAYAMI), and "Kuji Kongen Shinshaku" (New Interpretation of Kuji Kongen) (Masanao SEKINE) were written.

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