Kuni ikki (provincial uprising) (国一揆)

Kuni ikki refers to an alliance (uprising) made up of feudal lords with the aim of securing their rule in the period of Northern and Southern courts and Muromachi. One factor causing an uprising in a province was interference by political pressure from outside. Alliances made in an uprising were tight-knit like a military partnership aiming at countering the interference, and they dissolved when the goal was achieved or when the threat disappeared. Typical cases of a Kuni ikki were the Iga sokoku ikki and the uprising of the IKKO sect followers in Kaga.


Kuni ikki were formed primarily as a result from the following factors:

The uprising was organized by top authorities with a certain political intention (e.g. the Kokujin uprising in southern Kyushu). The uprising was organized in order to oppose a new Shugo (e.g. the Kokujin rising in Aki province). The uprising was organized in order to banish the existing influence of a Shugo (e.g. the uprising in Yamashiro Province).

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