Kyoikurei (the 1879 Education Order) (教育令)

Kyoikurei is an order about education promulgated in September 1879 to replace the educational system (the 214th edict of Dajokan [Grand Council of State] of 1872) promulgated in 1872.


It stipulates that authority given to local officials (chiefs of prefectures) should be abridged and school district system should be abolished. The regulations about school attendance were loosened in consideration of foundation of private schools and people's heavy burden, but they were revised twice in December 1880 and in August 1885 because of outpouring of opposing opinions. When the Ordinances of the School System of 1886 was established by the first Minister of Education Arinori MORI in 1886, Kyoikurei was abolished.

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