Kyoto Red Flag Incident (京都赤旗事件)

The Kyoto Red Flag Incident was a crackdown on socialists that occurred on November 30, 1920.

Gizo TAKAYAMA (later the Mayor of Kyoto City), who worked as the manager of the Kyoto Branch of Yuai-kai, served in the army as a volunteer for one year and left the army in 1920. In the early morning of November 30, about 50 socialists including Sadachika NABEYAMA went to meet Takayama. Then they held up some red flags on which such messages as 'Congratulations on Mr. Gizo TAKAYAMA for his release from prison' were written in large characters, and they fought with police. In the evening of the same day, Nabeyama and others were arrested and Kanson ARAHATA, who tried to mediate, was also involved in the trouble. Nabeyama and others were indicted on suspicion of obstruction of performance of public duty, inflicting bodily injury and violation of the Public Order and Police Law, and were sentenced to two to six months' imprisonment.

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