Maruko Clan (丸子氏)

Maruko (or Mariko) clan is one of the clans of the ancient Japan.

The family name is Muraji (Maruko Muraji)
The members were scattered in Ki Province, Shinano Province, Sagami Province and so on. It is said to be a branch family of the Otomo clan and was established by MARUKO no Tsuratari, the son of OTOMO no Nukate. A different theory claims that it is a branch family of the Wani clan of Yamato Province. There also exists a tradition which treats it as the descendant of Takakuraji, along with the Owari clan and the Mononobe clan.


MARUKO no Otoshi (a poet in "Manyoshu"(the oldest anthology of tanka), a gocho [township head]?)

MARUKO no Omaro (Omaro could be "多麿" or "多麻呂", a poet in "Manyoshu")

Gishin (a monk of Tendai sect)

MARUKO 公景 (Dairyo [high-ranking local magistrate] of Sagami Province, a maternal grandfather of the Kamakura clan originating from the Taira family)

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