Mashita Domain (味舌藩)

Mashita Domain was located in Mashita, Shimashimo County, Settsu Province (present Mishima, Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture). The government building was called Mashita Jinya.


Nagamasu (Urakusai) ODA, who was the younger brother of Nobunaga ODA and served Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI in Osaka-jo Castle, was granted the territory of 27,000 koku in Yamabe County, Yamato Province as a reward for his contribution to the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, in addition to the territory of 2,000 koku which he had already been enfeoffed in Shimashimo County, Settsu Province. As a result, he came to possess a total of 30,000 koku territory to rank with daimyo (Japanese feudal lord).

Later, he gave the territory of 10,000 koku in Shikijo County and Yamabe County of Yamato Province and Shimashimo County of Settsu Province away to his fourth son Nagamasa ODA (daimyo) (Kaiju Domain) and another 10,000 koku territory in Shikijo and Yamabe County to his fifth son Naonaga ODA (Yanagimoto Domain) in the same year, saving the remaining 10,000 koku terriotory for his old age.

Nagamasu died in 1621. His eldest son Nagataka ODA received the territory of 10,000 koku (Nomura Domain) in Ono County, Mino Province in return for his distinguished military service during the Battle of Sekigahara, but died in 1606, and his son Naganori ODA died without heir (in 1631), which put an end to the Oda family. Nagamasu's territory of 10,000 koku was deprived of, and the descendants of Nagamasa, younger brother of Naganori, became vassals of the Kaga Domain.

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