Minakuchi Okayama-jo Castle (水口岡山城)

Minakuchi Okayama-jo Castle is located in Minakuchi, Minakuchi-cho, Koka-shi City, Shiga Prefecture.


The castle stands on Mt. Kojo, which is east of Minakuchi-jo Castle, and is sometimes called Old Minakuchi-kojo Castle.

Under the orders of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, Kazuuji NAKAMURA built the castle as the headquarters from which to rule the Koka-gun district, and became the lord of the castle in 1585. He developed the structure of Minakuchi, which had prospered since the Heian period as a post town on the main route from Kyoto to Ise. Nagamori MASHITA, and then Masaie NATSUKA, who were among the Five Administrators, successively became the lord of the castle, the former in 1585 and the latter in 1595.

At the Battle of Sekigahara, Masaie NATSUKA joined the West Camp but was unable to participate in the battle and fled to Minakuchi-jo Castle. Minakuchi-jo Castle was attacked by Terumasa IKEDA, who chased Masaie NATSUKA, and was burned down in a fire that Masaie had set.

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