Mochizuki-jo Castle (Omi Province) (望月城 (近江国))

Mochizuki-jo Castle was a Japanese castle which was situated in Koga City, Shiga Prefecture.


Mochizuki-jo Castle was a mountain castle once owned by the Mochizuki clan, a ninja tribe in Koga County, Omi Province during the Sengoku period (period of warring states).

Built on a mountain ridge overhanging eastward, the castle was surrounded by its branch castle at the southern mountain ridge across a valley, Sugitani-toride Fort in the southeast, and Sugitani-jo Castle in the north.


Although the actual year of completion is not known, the castle is generally believed to have been built in the Muromachi Period.

It is said that when the Rokkaku clan was attacked by Nobunaga ODA, they apparently fled into the castle asking for help from the Koga Mochizuki clan. Oda did not cease his attack and eventually conquered the castle in 1574.

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