Myobo Kanyosho (明法肝要鈔)

The Myobo Kanyosho is a law book written in the late Heian period. It was most likely written after 1146 by Joe (乗恵), a priest, but details regarding the author and the period are unknown.

It is thought to have been written by simply compiling the contents of existing law books like "Hosoruirin," meaning it only quoted the theories, Myobo Kanmon (questions and answers of interpretation of law) and Myobo Kanjo (law consideration) of famous Myobo experts in the Heian period such as SANUKI no Naganao, KOREMUNE no Naomoto, NAKAHARA no Akikane and ONO no Arichika. It is also important because rare contents such as Kokonritsu (law related to registrations like census, marriage etc.) and Toshoritsu (law related to assault and malicious prosecution) were quoted in it.

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