Myomokusho (名目鈔)

Myomokusho was a book on the study of ancient courtly traditions and etiquette written by Sadaijin (minister of the left) Sanehiro TOIN during the mid Muromachi period.

According to the author's preface, the book was written to leave the traditional readings of myomoku (also referred to as meimoku; the appellations) of things and affairs in the Imperial Court to later generations. It contains about 600 words classified into twelve items of: annual public duties, extraordinary public duties, private duties, remarks on public duties, names of the places in the Imperial Palace, human body, titles of retired emperor, cloistered emperor, and nyoin (a close female relative of the Emperor or a woman of comparable standing), sundries, clothes, mourning dress, ancient carriage parts, and documents, with reading of each appellation written beside it in katakana letters, and simple annotations. Since some of the items lack content, the book was considered to be incomplete.

Besides a complete volume in the author's own handwriting which was the extent of one of the collections in the Imperial Library of the Kyoto Palace Higashiyama Bunko, handwritten copies made during the Muromachi period were held in the same Higashiyama Bunko as well as the Imperial Household Agency Shoryobu (Archives and Mausolea Department), Yomei Bunko (Yomei Archives), Sonkeikakubunkio, and Daitokyukinenbunko Library. There was a commentary on the book, "Kinjukata myomoku sho kochu" (Excerpt from appellations in the Imperial Court, revision and annotation) written by Fusatsune HAYAMI during the Edo period.

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