Nukata no Kunimiyatsuko (額田国造)

NUKATA no Kunimiyatsuko (aka. Kokuzo NUKATA) was the leading local family that ruled the western part of Mino Province (or the eastern part of Omi Province) in ancient Japan.


Kokuzo hongi (the original record of provincial governors) says that OOTADARO no Mikoto, a grandchild of HIKOKUNIBUKU no Mikoto, was appointed to NUKATA no Kunimiyatsuko (the head of the local government) by the Seimu Imperial Court.


The Nukata clan. The title given by the Yamato Imperial Court was Atane. The title sukune (third highest of the eight hereditary titles) was given to some of the descendants. In the same line with the Wani clan, the Awata clan and the Mano clan.

Home Base

Nukata no go, Ikeda District, Mino Province. Or Sakata District, Omi Province. Now Ikeda-cho, Gifu Prefecture. Or Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture.

Ujigami (a guardian god or spirit of a particular place in the Shinto religion)



NUKATA no Imatari was a lawyer in the Heian period. Doctor of law. Making a petition that notes on the Ritsuryo codes should be formally established, he was the pioneer in editing "Ryo no gige" (a commentary on the Ritsuryo codes).

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