Nagahama sandoshiyori (Three influential families in Nagahama) (長浜三年寄)

Nagahama sandoshiyori refers to most influential three families among Nagahama juninshu (10 influential families in Nagahama), 10 representative families of machi-doshiyori (ward head) in townspeople who built the Nagahama-jo Castle town (49 towns and 10 wards) under the order of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.

Families chosen as the juninshu were the followings: Miyabe, Nishimura, Shimomura, Tanabe in Hon-cho, Ando in Gofuku-machi, Higuchi, Oyori, Kawasaki in Ote-machi, Imamura in Uoya-cho (魚屋町), and Yoshikawa in Funa-machi (舟町). Sandoshiyori were families of Sanzaemon YOSHIKAWA in Funa-machi, Toemon SHIMOMURA in Hon-cho, and Kuroemon ANDO in Gofuku-machi. In the Edo period, four families of Miyabe, Nishimura, Higuchi, and Oyori came to an end and in the end of the Edo period, six families of Sanzaemon (Gosuke) YOSHIKAWA, Toemon (Toshichi) SHIMOMURA, Dendayu (Kudayu) TANABE, Genbe KAWASAKI, and Toemon IMAMURA were left.

At the present day, the Ando family remains as one of the sightseeing spots in Motohama Town, Nagahama City, but the sites of the Yoshikawa and Shimomura families were bought by Denbei SHIMOGO (the first) who had a relation to the families by marriage, the site of the Yoshikawa family has been used as Nagahama municipal kindergarten, and the site of the Shimomura family has been used by Shimogo Kyosaikai foundation after used as Shiga prefectural Daiichi Elementary School (from 1871 to 1874, present day Nagahama municipal elementary school).

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