Ninja hachimon (忍者八門)

Ninja hachimon is considered the eight kinds of compulsory subjects which are essential to become a Ninjya in the all sects of Ninjutsu (ninja art). However, this is an insistence only by the lineage of Masaaki HATSUMI, and it is not certain about whether this term really existed in the all sects of Ninjutsu.

Those are koppo jutsu, kiai jutsu, swordplay, the art of the spearmanship, Shuriken (small throwing blade) jutsu, ka jutsu, art for amusement, and kyomon.

The details of ninja hachimon
Koppo jutsu…A martial art of fighting with bare hands. Kiai jutsu…Refer to the list of military art. Swordplay…A martial art using a sword such as a Japanese sword or a Ninja sword. Art of the spearmanship…A martial art using a spear. Shuriken jutsu…A martial art using a small throwing blade. Ka jutsu…A usage of gunpowder or fire. Art for amusement…A performance art.
Kyomon…Knowledge and education
In addition, an art of warfare which was military science since ancient times.

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