Odachijoko shosatsusho (大舘常興書札抄)

Odachijoko shosatsusho is a book of shosatsurei (model sentences for official letters) written by Hisauji ODACHI, a vassal of the Muromachi bakufu from the late Muromachi period to the Sengoku period (Japan) (the book is also called 'Odachi' and Joko was the priest name of the author). It is presumed that the original book title was 'Shosatsu no koto,' which is seen in an existent manuscript as naidai (the title inside the book). The book title varies depending upon the manuscripts and the current one is based upon "Gunsho ruiju" (collection of historical books). The book is believed to have been written during the Eisho to Daiei era during the early Sengoku period. The original book is non existent, and although some manuscripts are existing, their book titles or contents are different.

It is believed that Hisauji ODACHI wrote this book for a person called 'Kuro.'
It is presumed that this person was either Hisauji's son or relative (Matsuoka-bon (one of manuscripts) possessed by Imperial Household Archives assumed the addressee was his son Harumitsu Odachi, but there are no records proving that Harumitsu called himself Kuro and therefore, he might be an another person).

In this book, the head of the Odachi clan, who served the Muromachi bakufu as moshitsugishu (a civil servant post of Muromachi bakufu) and played a role of corresponding secretary between seii taishogun (literally, a great general who subdues the barbarians) and influential families, listed actual shosatsurei together with his notes based on the categories of addressees, namely shogun, court nobles including top court officials, Buddhist priest including monzeki (priest-prince), shugo-daimyo (military governor) including kanrei (shogunal deputy), officials of Muromachi bakufu and vassals of daimyo. In addition, he wrote about various wakizuke (honorific titles written after the addresse's name) and josho no kotei. This book was written by the Odachi clan in the capacity of the bakufu's vassal and it is not a book dealing with general shosaturei. However, it was valued by prosperity as shosatsurei of Hisauji ODACHI, who was well versed in ancient practices of samurai family.

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