Omi Komuro Domain (近江小室藩)

The Omi Komuro Domain was a domain which existed in Komuro, Azai County, Omi Province (Present: Komuro-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture [Previous: Azai-cho, Higashiazai County]). The castle of the feudal lord was Komuro jinya (regional governmental office).

History of the Omi Komuro Domain

The original forefather of the domain was Masakazu KOBORI. Masakazu's father Masatsugu KOBORI, who served Nagamasa AZAI and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, was given a territory of 14,460 koku based on the Bitchu Matsuyama Domain after the Battle of Sekigahara for taking sides with the East squad successfully in it. When Masatsugu died in 1604, his son Masakazu replaced him. At that time, Masakazu allocated about 2,000 koku to his younger brother Masayuki KOBORI.

In 1619, Masakazu was transferred from Bitchu Matsuyama to Omi Komuro, and there the Omi Komuro Domain was founded. For your information, Masakazu was an excellent artist known as Enshu KOBORI. The second lord of the domain, Masayuki KOBORI, allocated 1,000 koku to his younger brother. As the fourth lord of the domain, Masahusa KOBORI, also allocated 500 koku and 300 koku respectively to his two younger brothers, the Kobori clan became the feudal lord of 10,630 koku.

For the fifth lord of the domain Masamine KOBORI's seven-and-a-half-year service as a position of Wakadoshiyori (junior councilor), the Kobori clan, which was supposed to be a nonhereditary feudal lord, was admitted to amend the status into Fudai Daimyo (hereditary vassals to the Tokugawa family) and was able to wait on a higher-ranked sheat to meet the Shogun. However, Masamichi KOBORI, who succeeded to deceased Masamine as the sixth lord of the domain, had served in the posts including Fushimi bugyo, but was overthrown in 1785, the end of the Tanuma period, because he was cooperative with Okitsugu TANUMA who was influential as Roju (senior councilor). When Okitsugu was overthrown the following year, as he was a feudal lord of pro-Tanuma group, he was imposed sanctions for committing fraud and violating service regulations while in Fushimi bugyo on June 9, 1788, and left to the Okubo family, the lord of the Odawara Domain, Sagami Province, by Sadanobu MATSUDAIRA who tied to purge the Tanuma group thoroughly. His son 政登 was also imposed sanctions. Here is the abolition of the Omi Komuro Domain.

Building relocated

The gate of jinya was relocated and exists today.

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