Omi-Genji (Minamoto clan) (近江源氏)

The name "Omi-Genji" refers to the clan who originated from Genji (Minamoto clan) and settled in Omi Province as their home base in the Medieval period. Several lines are known as follows. The Sasaki clan, the most famous line, is also known as "Sasaki-Genji."

Another line is "Uda-Genji," a line of the Sasaki clan. "Uda-Genji" are descendants of Uda-Genji MINAMOTO no Nariyori, who went down to Sasakisho, Gamo County, Omi Province in the middle of the Heian period. "Uda-Genji," a line of the Sasaki clan, prospered as a samurai family and had power as Shugo (the military governor) of Omi Province from generation to generation. In the early Kamakura period, the children of Nobutsuna SASAKI, the seventh family head from Nariyori, divided into four families; the Rokkaku clan, the Kyogoku clan, the Ohara clan and the Takashima clan.

Another line is "MINAMOTO no Yoshimitsu line of Seiwa-Genji." "MINAMOTO no Yoshimitsu line of Seiwa-Genji," a line of the Yamamoto clan, took over private lands of MINAMOTO no Yoshimitsu, who had close links with the Onjo-ji Temple. The two brothers, Yoshitsune YAMAMOTO and Yoshikane KASHIWAGI, who played active roles in the Jisho-Juei War, are well-known.

Another line is "MINAMOTO no Mitsumasa line of Seiwa-Genji." "MINAMOTO no Mitsumasa line of Seiwa-Genji" is descendants of MINAMOTO no Tadataka, the second son of MINAMOTO no Mitsumasa. The Yoshizumi clan and the Omi Wada clan are well-known.

Another line is "MINAMOTO no Mitsusue line of Seiwa-Genji." The Takaya clan and the Ogura clan are well-known.

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