Omiya Gosho (大宮御所)

Omiya Gosho was a residence built for Empress Teimei who became an empress dowager when Emperor Taisho had passed away on the premise of Akasaka Rikyu (The State Guest House) (present-day Akasaka Imperial property).

The residence, which was completed on December 10, 1929, was given an official name of "Omiya Gosho" on June 1 of the following year, and Empress Teimei moved in five days later. The total area of the building was approximately 8,801 square meters and the area of the premise known as "Hiroshiba" was approximately 21,450 square meters. Later, it was burnt down by the air raid on May 25, 1945 and a new residence was rebuilt on December 13 of the following year, where Empress Teimei moved six days later. It was abolished in January, 1952, the year after Empress Teimei had died.

Later, Togu Gosho (Crown Prince's Palace) was constructed on the vacant lot in 1960 and Crown Prince Akihito moved in. After the death of Emperor Showa, the present Emperor (Imperial Prince Akihito) stayed in the Togu Gosho and used it for the Empero's imperial palace, which came to be known as the Akasaka Imperial Palace. Empress Kojun who became an empress dowager stayed in the Emperor Showa's Fukiage Gosho (the old imperial palace of Fukiage) and used it as the Fukiage Omiya Palace; therefore, there was no need to construct a new Omiya Gosho. Later, the present Emperor moved in the present-day new Fukiage Gosho which was constructed on the premise of the Fukiage Imperial Gardens and Crown Prince Naruhito moved in the Akasaka Imperial Palace in his place, so the Akasaka Imperial Palace came to be known as Togu Gosho again.

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