Osamebarai Meisaicho (Tribute Register) (納払明細帳)

The Osamebarai Meisaicho (tribute register) was a register document that was sent each year by regional magistrate offices to the settlements department of the Edo shogunate. The document was also known as Ozumi Osamebarai Meisaicho.

The register was a means of settling and confirming prepayment of tributes in rice or payment of money to the rice granary at Asakusa or the Treasury coffers. Together with taxes recorded in other registers, these documents formed the basis for clucking increases/decreases in tax burden each year, transfers of payment in money or kind and additional tax payments required of villages etc as well as receipts and expenditure for that year and other sums not recorded as part of these tabulations were recorded as sundry items. The officers of the settlements department pressed for tributes to be settled by mid December each year.

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