Oshioki Saikyo-cho (Judicial Precedents Estimated to be Compiled by Edo Machi-bugyo [town magistrate (御仕置裁許帳)

Oshioki Saikyo-cho was a compilation of legal reports thought to be created by Edo machi-bugyo in Hoei era (1704 to 1710). Although the existing version (currently owned by the National Diet Library) has 12 volumes, it is believed that the original version consisted of three volumes.

From the records of 'Rocho' (prison records) of which machi-bugyo (town magistrates) stored the name and crime situation of each inmate of the prison located in Kodenma-cho, Edo, 974 cases reported between 1657 and 1699 were extracted and classified into 231 types of crime so as to provide a reference for future trials. Although 'Rocho' itself was under the Machi bugyo's control, inmates who were judged in the prison by Kanjo bugyo (commissioner of finance) or Jisha bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines) and cases under the jurisdiction of them were included in the Oshioki Saikyo-cho. Genshoshu,' 'Keibatsushu Bassui' (Excerption of Penalties), and others were created as its alternative versions, and it was rearranged to be 198 articles of 'Genroku Gohoshiki' (Commandments in Genroku era [1688 to 1703]).

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