Otoneriryo (Bureau of Imperial Attendants) (大舎人寮)

Otoneriryo was one of the institutions belonging to Nakatsukasasho (Ministry of Central Affairs) in the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code). During the early Ritsuryo system period, right and left Otoneriryo were set up, but in 808 left Otoneriryo and right Otoneriryo were integrated into the Otoneriryo.

Official duties

Otoneriryo administered otoneri (Imperial Attendants) by the name list as its official duty. Otoneri was paired with udoneri (Ministerial equerry) and accompanied the Emperor and kept night watch and performed several odd jobs. For this reason, often they were temporarily transferred to busy government officials. It functioned well as a training stage of government official. During the Heian period some of otoneri sometimes became naiju (government official especially one of low to medium rank as royal pages) or vice versa.


Kami (director) (corresponding to Jugoinojo [Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade]) one member. Suke (deputy director) (corresponding to Shorokuinoge [Senior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade]) one member. Daijo (Senior secretary) (corresponding to Shoshichiinoge [Senior Seventh Rank, Lower Grade]) one member, shojo (Junior secretary) (corresponding to Jushichiinoge [Junior Seventh Rank, Lower Grade]) one member. Daisakan (senior clerk) (corresponding to Juhachiinojo [Junior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade]), Shosakan (Junior Clerk) (corresponding to Juhachiinoge [Junior Eighth Rank, Lower Grade]) one member. Otoneri.

Shisho (a person doing miscellaneous duties about documents) newly established. Ryosho (administrative official, secretary, commissioner) newly established.

Shibu (low rank bureaucrats)
Jikicho (factotum)

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