Sankokyukei (three high level bureaucrats and nine lords) (三公九卿)

Sankokyukei refers to a generic name for posts of administrative officials in the Qin and Han Dynasties of China.

For details, refer to articles of Sanko (three high level bureaucrats) and Kyukei (nine lords).

Sankokyukei refers to the following.

Originally, it was the term showing ranks of peerage like "Raiki" (Book of Rites) described 'Sankokyukei referred to 27 Daifu (Master) and 81 Genshi.'
This came to show the actual government posts in the Qin Dynasty, and Sanko of Josho (Chancellor), Gyoshi taifu (a chief of controlling the officials) and Taii (Minister of military affairs), and Kyukei which was the institution for practical works under Sanko were fixed. As posts included in Kyukei, Taijo in charge of courtesy and religious service, Korokukun in charge of security of the Imperial Court, Eii in charge of security of the Imperial Palace's gates, Taiboku in charge of vehicles and horses, Teii in charge of justice, Daikoro in charge of serving and treating visitors to the Dynasty, Sosei in charge of treatment of the Imperial family, Daishino in charge of state finance, and Shofu in charge of the Imperial Court's finance existed. For reference, the number of posts was not always limited to nine. The term "Kyukei" implied a more philosophical meaning, and the term "Shokei" (various lords) was closer to the actual situation.

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