Santei Ritsuryo Code (刪定律令)

Santei Ritsuryo Code was a ritsuryo code compiled by Minister of the Right, KIBI no Makibi, YAMATO no Nagaoka and so on in 769. It came in 24 articles.

It was enforced on April 13, 791 during the reign of Emperor Kanmu. Subsequently around 797, Santei Ryokaku Code with 45 articles was compiled by Major Counselor, Miwao, Middle Controller of the Right, TACHIBANA no Irii and so on and was enforced on July 7, 797.

Both were edited to fix the flaws in Yoro ritsuryo code, however, on July 8, 812, the enforcement of Santei Ritsuryo Code was suspended because it was thought to provoke the public to feel insecure causing many lawsuits to be filed. Although the order for its amendment was issued, it was not enacted after that and Santei Ritsuryo Code was practically abolished. Although what was done with Santei Ryokaku Code is not clear, the original text in "Nihonkoki" (Later Chronicle of Japan) referred to this suspension as 'Santei Ryo' and the description of Santei Ryokaku Code no longer appeared after that. For that reason, it is possible that the enforcement of Santei Ryokaku Code was also suspended at the same time, even though when it was suspended or abolished is not clear.

After that, Ritsuryo law was not compiled in Japan, and the flaws in the codes were fixed with Kyakushiki (supplementary provision) instead.

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