Shichikuzan Chigogataki Fudomyoo (紫竹山稚児ヶ滝不動明王)

Shichikuzan Chigogataki Fudomyoo is a historical site located at Magura, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture.
It is sometimes called by its abbreviated name 'Chigogataki Fudoson' or 'Chigo no taki.'


It is a historical site enshrining 'Chiyodoji,' a son of Muneto ABE.

A fall about eight-meter-long accompanied by fifty-centimeter-tall Fudomyoo on its both sides is situated at the penetraria of the precincts and in front of it, an over 300 year-old 'tsuki no ki' (Japanese zelcova) is enshrined as shinboku (divine tree).

Rites and festivals are held on July 28th every year.


Magura, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture


The entrance of the approach is located about two kilometers southwest of Magura Station and it is about a ten-minute walk from there.

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