Shiki no Mizukakinomiya (磯城瑞籬宮)

Shiki no Mizukakinomiya was the palace of Emperor Sujin's dynasty as recorded in the Rikkokushi (Japan's six national chronicles of the seventh and eighth century). It is presently believed that the Shikino Mizukakinomiya was in Kaneya, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, and there was a stone monument called 'Remains of Emperor Sujin's Shiki no Mizukakinomiya' at Shikinomiya Gataniimasu Shrine that was purportedly built during the Taisho Era. To the north side of the main shrine is Mount Miya (Omiwa-jinja Shrine). There are various remains such as the Makimuku ruins from the Kofun Era in the surrounding area, and large keyhole-shaped tombs such as the Hashihaka tomb and Hokenoyama tomb, and burial mounds of Emperor Suijin, Emperor Keiko, and Emperor Suinin.

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