Shimojima navy (下志万)

The Shimojima clan was an active navy based in Maizuru Bay in Kyoto Prefecture.

It is believed that the Shimojima navy fought on the side of Nobunaga ODA as all the Yano navy, the Sakurai navy, and the Oshima navy and others also fought for ODA when an uprising of Ikko sect followers attacked Kitanosho in the Sengoku period (Japan). Navies in those days had strongholds along Maizuru Bay and according to the Tanabe Kyuki (the old record of Tanabe), the lord of the castle of which ruins remained in the village called Sabaka in Maizuru City was Shichiro Zaemon SHIMOJIMA. In the record of "Zaikyu-ki of Jisha-machi, Kasa County, Tango Province," there was a description that Shichiroemon Sukekage SHIMOJIMA, the 29th descendant of the Emperor Koko, the lord of the Hebishima Castle came to this province from Shima no sho, Ikaruga County, Tanba Province, but when he came remained unknown. The Shimojima clan was believed to be the locally influential family even in the Heian period, but went to ruin later. However, even today, there are some families that have the family name of Shimojima and they are said to be the descendants of the Shimojima navy.

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