The Bank of Yanagihara (柳原銀行)

The Bank of Yanagihara was a private bank founded in Yanagihara-cho, Kyoto Prefecture (present Kyoto City) in the Meiji period.

In 1899, it was founded by Tamizo AKASHI, a former mayor of Yanagihara-cho, and others. Later, it extended its business area to all of Kyoto City, and was renamed the Bank of Yamashiro in 1920. However, a run on the bank occurred at the time of the Showa financial crisis in 1927, and the business was suspended. Later it went bankrupt.


June 15, 1899: It was founded as a partnership firm. June, 1920: It became incorporated. August, 1920: It was renamed Bank of Yamashiro. February, 1927: It suspended business because of the financial crisis. September 26, 1927: It declared bankruptcy.

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