The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto (大学コンソーシアム京都)

The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto is a foundation consisting of universities in and around Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, including Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University, and Doshisha University.

The 'University Center Kyoto' was established in Kyoto City to realize a credit transfer system among private universities and was the parent organization. The Kyoto City government supported the establishment of the foundation. The foundation started 'Miyako College (City College until 2006),' a credit earning plan for working people, and a collaboration with industries and universities in the early stage. As of 2006, 55 organizations including national university corporations and business associations are members.


1993: Kyoto City Government formulated 'Daigaku-no-Machi Kyoto 21 Plan' ('The City of Universities, Kyoto 21 Plan').

1994: University Center Kyoto was established and started the credit transfer system.

1998: University Center Kyoto turned into a foundation and changed the name to The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto.

2000: College-Town Exchange Center (Campus Plaza Kyoto) was built in front of Kyoto Station, and the head office of the foundation was moved there. The Kyoto Student Festival and ART UNIV. started.

2003: Kyoto Intercollegiate Festa started.

2005: Kyoto Collaborative Research Institute (KCRI) was established.

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