The First Battle of Kizukawaguchi (第一次木津川口の戦い)

The First Battle of Kizukawaguchi refers to the battle between the Mori Clan and the Oda Clan in 1576.

As the naval force of the Seto Inland Sea, consisting of the navies of the Mori Clan, the Kobayakawa Clan, and the Murakami Clan, attempted to deliver provisions to Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple, which had been surrounded by the army of Nobunaga ODA, they were confronted by the naval force of the Oda clan, who tried to block them, and clashed with them at the mouth of the Kizu-kawa River in the Osaka Bay. During the battle, horokudama (cooking-pot bombs), employed by the navy of Mori and horokubiya (cooking-pot fire arrows), employed by Saikashu (a group of local samurai from Kii Province, also on the Mori side) gave devastating damages to the navy of the Oda. Consequently, the primary purpose of the Mori side was fulfilled by delivering provisions to Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple.

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