The Mineyama domain (峰山藩)

The Mineyama domain was a domain existing in Tango province. It was a small but historic domain inherited as part of the territory under Tango province, originally given to Takatomo KYOGOKU, a daimyo (Japanese territorial lord) during the Sengoku period, because of distinguished war service during the Battle of Sekigahara.

The first lord Takamichi KYOGOKU (lord of the Mineyama domain of Tango province) was born as the second son of Nobutsuna KUTSUKI and was adopted by Takatomo KYOGOKU. Takatomo KYOGOKU, the lord of Tango province, divided Tango into three and each of his three children inherited one of them and Takamichi, 10,000 goku (approximately 1.8 million liters in crop yield) in the Mineyama region. This made Takamichi lord of 13,000 goku together with 3,000 goku already given by Hidetada TOKUGAWA (the second shogun of the Edo bakufu, the Japanese feudal government), then he established a jin-ya (regional government office) in Kyotango City of Tango province and founded a new domain.

Soon kaieki (change of rank) was made to the Kyogoku clan, the head family in the Miyazu domain, and the Kyogoku family in the Tanabe (Maizuru) domain of the Tango province was also transferred to the Toyooka domain of Tajima province, and thereby only this 13,000 goku in the Mineyama domain remained in Tango among the territories of Takatomo KYOGOKU who possessed the entire Tango province.

The sixth lord Takahisa KYOGOKU became wakadoshiyori (a managerial position in the Edo bakufu). Takahisa is famous as a character that appeared in "Onihei Hankacho" (Onihei's crimes note), who understands Nobutame HASEGAWA quite well, known as Onihei.

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