The Nishi-Rosen Kyotei (Nishi-Rosen Agreement) (西・ローゼン協定)

The Nishi-Rosen Kyotei was the agreement to settle the dispute over the Republic of Korea (the Korean Empire) signed between Empires of Japan and Russia on April 25, 1898.

Tension between Japan and Russia about the initiative on the Korean Peninsula continued to increase due to Japanese victory in the Sino-Japanese War and the growing Japanese influence on the domestic politics of South Korea. The agreement was signed in Tokyo between Japanese Foreign Minister Baron Tokujiro NISHI, and Russian Foreign Minister Baron Roman Romanovich Rosen. The agreement stated that both nations had to withhold from interfering with the national politics of the Republic of Korea and seek each other's pre-approval before sending the military and financial advisers requested by the Korean government.

Russia clearly recognized that the Republic of Korea will not become Japanese sphere of influence by pledging that they would not interfere with the Japanese business investments and economic development in the South Korea. Alternatively, Japan gave a tacit nod to the Russian area of influence in Manchuria.

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