The Northern Court (北朝)

The term "Northern Court" (hokucho in Japanese) describes the Japanese Imperial Court, dynasty, and government that broke off from the Southern Court and was located geographically north of its southern rival at Yoshino.

In general, it indicates below:

"Northern Court" refers to the Imperial Court of the Jimyoin lineage, located in Kyoto, that existed during Japan's Nanbokucho (Northern and Southern Courts) period. The term is a geographical contrast to its rival court, the Southern Court of Yoshino, located in Nara south of Kyoto.

"Northern Court" (or Northern Dynasty) is also a general term used to refer to the dynasties of five kings that flourished in northern China during China's Northern and Southern Dynasties period. These were those of the Northern Wei, the Eastern Wei, the Western Wei, the Northern Qi, and the Northern Zhou as well as the pre-reunification Sui.

The term can also be used to describe the contrast between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) versus the Republic of Korea (South Korea) located in the southern half of the Korean peninsula.

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