The Second Yamagata Cabinet (第2次山縣内閣)

After the previous Cabinet was fallen due to trouble in the Constitutional Party split, YAMAGATA who received the imperial command on November 5 organized the Cabinet based on government officials of the domain clique from his own group. At first, he cooperated with Constitutional Party (liberal group) to achieve the plan to increase land taxes and implemented the plan to increase land taxes and the Industrial Bank of Japan Act. However after that, he unilaterally broke the promise to take the members of this party into the Cabinet and implemented revision of the Civil Service Appointment Ordinance followed by enactment of the ordinance on the status of civil servant, the ordinance on reprimand of civil servant and the Security Police Law, as well as introduction of Military ministers to be officers on active-duty rule to eliminate political parties from the government and aim for running the country by the doctrine of superiority. But this gradually made YAMAGATA's government control difficult by making enemy of the House of Representatives, and after dissolution of the Constitutional Party and formation of Rikken seiyukai with ITO etc. after the Boxer Rebellion, he recommended ITO as his successor and resigned to aimed for dissolution of the Seiyu Party.

Minister of State

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