The battle of Kumeda (久米田の戦い)

The battle of Kumeda was a battle that took place in Japan in which Takamasa HATAKEYAMA attacked Yoshitaka MIYOSHI who lined up around Kumeda-dera Temple (present Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture) in Yagi-mura, Izumi Province (Osaka) on March 5, 1562. A total of 17,000 to 50,000 soldiers of the two armies fought against each other, and Yoshitaka MIYOSHI died in in this battle. This battle is thought to be an underlying cause of the fall of the Miyoshi clan.


Yoshitaka ROKKAKU and Takamasa HATAKEYAMA, who were both shugo daimyo (shugo, which were Japanese provincial military governors, that became daimyo, which were Japanese feudal lords) were against Nagayoshi MIYOSHI, who supported the 13th shogun Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA, and they joined hands and caused many anti-Miyoshi movements in Kinai, including Kyoto.

Taking the death of Kazumasa SOGO who was a younger brother of Nagayoshi as an opportunity, Takamasa attacked the Kishiwada-jo Castle along with Munefusa YASUMI and Norimitsu YUSA. Meanwhile, Yoshitaka ROKKAKU attacked the Shogun Jizo San-jo Castle which was located in the north of Jisho-ji Temple; Takamasa and Yoshitaka took a pincer movement.

In response to this, Nagayoshi had Yoshitaka MIYOSHI who was positioned in the Kawachi Takaya-jo Castle fight against the Hatakeyama's army, and had Yoshioki MIYOSHI fight against the Rokkaku's army. Nagayoshi acted as the commander for both armies in the Imoriyama-jo Castle.

The war situation

According to the "Hosokawa ryoke ki" (Record of the two houses of Hosokawa), on March 5, 1562, an army of Takamasa HATAKEYAMA and Munefusa YASUMI attacked Kumeda, where Yoshitaka MIYOSHI was taking position. Officers and soldiers including Nagafusa SHINOHARA, fought from the Miyoshi side, and after a fierce battle, the Miyoshi side came to dominate the tide of the war. The Miyoshi side wanted to mount a full-scale attack, and Yasunaga MIYOSHI and Masayasu MIYOSHI made an attack all at once. As a result, Yoshitaka MIYOSHI was shorthanded at one time with about 100 horsemen around him. Takamasa HATAKEYAMA took this opportunity and attacked the headquarters along with Negoroshu (a group of armed priests in Negoro-ji Temple), and killed Yoshitaka MIYOSHI.

After the war

Takamasa HATAKEYAMA killed Yoshitaka MIYOSHI and threatened Nagayoshi by attacking the Imoriyama-jo Castle. However, Takamasa was defeated in the subsequent Battle of Kyoko-ji Temple by the Miyoshi's army that restored the state of the war, and could not take over the hegemony by Nagayoshi MIYOSHI. However, the Miyoshi clan, which lost faithful assistants in the battle, came to suffer from internal conflicts. After Nagayoshi died from an illness, the Miyoshi clan assassinated shogun Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA who tried to take back the real power (Eiroku Incident), and the Miyoshi clan greatly shook their own righteousness to control.

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