The history of Nanki Tokugawa clan (南紀徳川史)

"The history of Nanki Tokugawa clan" refers to a history book of the Kishu Domain, completed in Meiji period. In 1888 Mochitsugu TOKUGAWA, the family head of Kishu Tokugawa family, started to compile and completed it in 1901. The compiler was Makoto HORIUCHI, old feudal retainer of Kishu Domain. It describes the period of time from 1602 when Yorinobu TOKUGAWA was born, to 1871 when Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures) was done and Mochitsugu moved to Tokyo Prefecture. The number of volumes is 18 (the body text 17 volumes, the bibliography 1 volume).


The compilation started by the order of Mochitsugu TOKUGAWA, the family head of Kishu Tokugawa family (the fourteenth lord of Kishu Domain), and an old feudal retainer of Kishu Domain Makoto HORIUCHI was responsible for the compilation from 1888 to 1901.

In April 1899, two clean copies of the former 70 volumes were completed, and one copy was dedicated to Kishu Tokugawa family while the other was dedicated to Kishu Tosho-gu Shrine. In 1901 the latter 100 volumes were completed and dedicated to Kishu Tokugawa family.

From 1930 to 1933 Nanki Tokugawa History Publishing Association published them, and from 1970 to 1972, they were reprinted by Meicho Publication.

The fifth volume

- Story of wise retainers

The sixth volume

- Story of wise retainers, commentary of literature, commentary of martial art

The seventh volume

- Commentary of martial art, commentary of hogi, story of excellent men, story of dutiful children, story of chaste and strong-minded women, story of high ranking monks

The eighth volume

- Office organization

The ninth volume

- Office organization

The tenth volume

- County system

The eleventh volume

- County system

The twelfth volume

- Financial affairs, military system

The thirteenth volume

- Military system

The fourteenth volume

- Statute system, ceremony

The fifteenth volume

- Ceremony

The sixteenth volume

- Dress code system, system of temples and shrines

The seventeenth volume

- Educational system, the record of castle and garden, Penal Code

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