Toyooka Prefecture (豊岡県)

Toyooka Prefecture is a prefecture established in 1871 based on the policy of Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures). The prefectural capital was Toyooka City and the remains of Jinya (regional government office) of Toyooka Domain was used as the governmental building.
The site is now used for the Toyooka City Library

Toyooka Prefecture was divided in 1876 and incorporated into Hyogo Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture.


July 14, 1871: Under the policy of Haihan-chiken, Toyooka Domain (15,000 koku) was reorganized as Toyooka Prefecture.

November 22, 1871: A total of 11 prefectures and 16 counties including Maizuru Prefecture and Sasayama Prefecture were consolidated into Toyooka Prefecture.

August 21, 1876: Toyooka Prefecture was abolished. Tajima Province, Hikami County and Taki County were incorporated into Hyogo Prefecture. Tango Province and Amata County were incorporated into Kyoto Prefecture.

Prefectures consolidated into Toyooka Prefecture

Ikuno Prefecture/Izushi Prefecture (30,000 koku)/Toyooka Prefecture (15,000 koku)/Muraoka Prefecture (11,000 koku).
Miyazu Prefecture (70,000 koku)/Maizuru Prefecture (35,000 koku)/Mineyama Prefecture (11,000 koku)/Kumihama Prefecture.
Sasayama Prefecture (60,000 koku)/Fukuchiyama Prefecture (32,000 koku)/ Kaibara Prefecture (20,000 koku).

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