the Central Negotiation Committee (中央交渉会)

The Central Negotiation Committee is parliamentary group (April 23, 1892 - March 1, 1893) during Meiji Period. It is known as the Central Negotiation Department in general, however, this is a common name from a name of building in which the head office was located, and it is described as 'the Central Negotiation Committee' in the parliamentary documents of that time.

It was formed by 95 people who belonged to political parties ・ parliamentary groups headed by the Taisei-kai Group which supported the government (the 1st Matsukata cabinet). Kamon FURUSHO, Minoru Ota, Mamichi TSUDA, Kakugoro INOUE, Kencho SUEMATSU, Tomofusa SASSA, and Arasuke SONE were members of the committee. However, a conflict was created between a group formed by Furusho, Sassa, Sone, etc. who tried to get the Central Negotiation Committee into a political party and a group formed by Inoue, Suematsu, etc. who were against the idea. On June 22, when two months had passed since the formation of the committee, Furusho and other people formed Kokumin Kyokai (National Association) (Japan) with Tsugumichi SAIGO and Yajiro SHINAGAWA as the leaders, and this tore the committee apart in the dispute on whether their joining the association or not and caused steady stream of defections from the committee. On the other hand, there were some councilors who belonged to Kokumin Kyokai while remaining to be members of the Central Negotiation Committee as a parliamentary group since Kokumin Kyokai didn't organize their own parliamentary group, and situation became very confusing. When Kokumin Kyokai established a parliamentary group ・ the Councilor Society later, most of them transferred their registration, and some even transferred to other political parties ・ groups. Because of this, the number of members of the committee decreased to only 11 next year, and all the remaining councilors after the conflict seceded from it at the same time as when the fourth parliament was shut, and the committee disappeared naturally.

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