Baishoron (梅松論)

Baishoron is a Japanese war tale and a history of the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan) as great as the Taiheiki.

Although the author is unknown, it has been suggested that a retainer of Takauji ASHIKAGA or a monk closely connected with Muso Kokushi. It comprises two volumes. It was compiled around 1349. Starting from the Kamakura shogunate's political achievements, it describes the course of Takauji's seizure of power from a standpoint arguing for the legitimacy of the establishment of the Muromachi shogunate by the Ashikaga clan. The first volume is about the political situation of the late Kamakura period and how it came to an end. It describes the Kemmu Restoration and the conflict between the Nitta clan and the Ashikaga clan. The second volume is about the fierce resistance of Masashige KUSUNOKI and the fall of Kanagasaki Castle. It describes the restoration of peace in the country, continues to comment about the evaluation of Takauji's character by Muso Kokushi, and in the end it reveals the origin of the name of this book, comparing the glory of the Ashikaga shogunate to plum blossoms and his descendants' prosperity to the green of the pine.

The original text
In addition to the twentieth volume of the Gunsho ruiju, it is also contained in the Tenri-bon and the Kansho-bon (both kosha-bon).

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