Chikamoto Nikki (Chikamotos Diary) (親元日記)

Chikamoto Nikki is the diary of Chikamoto NINAGAWA (Shinuemon no Jo), who was the deputy steward of the office of administration in the Muromachi Period. It is also called Ninagawa Chikamoto Nikki.

It is very valuable historical material that enables us to figure out the system for administering affairs of state during the government of Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA. What exists now is the portion spanning twenty-two years from 1465 to 1486. A remaining part of the original document in Chikamoto's handwriting.

For example, it is known that, after Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA assumed the position of shogun, his uncle, Katsumitsu HINO, who was Naidaijin (the Minister of the Interior) completely controlled affairs of state, but we can know from this diary that, in military administration, for matters which Katsumitsu who was a noble in his roots could not make judgment, it was instructed to get the approval of the steward of the office of administration, Sadamune ISE (Military administration was in the hand of Sadamune ISE, who was a close retainer of Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA.).

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