Chokusenshu (勅撰集)

Chokusenshu is an anthology collected by Imperial command, or a book which was designated as an official writing among the ones written by the Emperor.

Japanese Chokusenshu

A collection of Chinese poetry
Ryounshu (A collection from above the clouds)
Bunka shureishu (second Imperial kanshi (Chinese poetry) collection)
Keikokushu (A collection of managing the country)

A collection of Japanese poetry
Nijuichidai-shu (the twenty-one collections of waka compiled by Imperial command)

Jun Chokusenshu (quasi-Chokusenshu)
Japanese poetry
Shinyo Wakashu (Collection of New Pages)
Renga (linked verse)
Tukubashu (anthology of renga poems collected under Imperial command)
Shinsen tsukubashu (The newly-Selected tsukubashu)

Chinese Chokusenshu

Bunkanshirin (anthology of Chinese poetry)
Gyoranshi (inspected poems)

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