Emperor Reizei (冷泉帝)

Emperor Reizei/Reizei-in is the third Emperor in "The Tale of Genji" (period of reign: 'Miotsukushi' (Channel Buoys) to the second volume of 'Wakana' (Spring Shoots), the 18 years of his reign were the golden days of Hikaru Genji). He is a fictitious character. Out of the 54 chapters of The Tale of Genji, he appears from 'Momiji no Ga' (The Autumn Excursion) to 'Hashihime' (The Maiden of the Bridge).

People considered him to be the tenth prince of the Emperor Kiritsubo, but in fact, he was an illegitimate child between Hikaru Genji and Fujitsubo. He became Togu (the Crown Prince) of the Emperor Suzaku, and ascended to the throne at the age of 11. Until he abdicated the throne in favor of Kinjo no Mikado, he had ruled the country for 18 years.
After his retirement, he lived in Reizei-in (a real Imperial palace for successive ex-emperors), so he is known by the name of 'Emperor Reizei.'

After the death of his mother, Fujitsubo, he found out about the secret concerning his birth by a priest in yoi (a night-watch duty) and was surprised. He agonized over the fact that he had his father, Genji, in the position of subject, but Genji refused firmly his offer to abdicate the Imperial throne in favor of Genji. After that he tried to discharge his duties to his father, making Genji's adopted daughter, Akikonomu, settle in the position of Empress, and giving him the court rank of Jun Daijo tenno (quasi ex-emperor) at Genji's 40th birthday ceremony.

He was a man of refined taste, and especially loved paintings (it is considered that he was given this from his biological father, Genji), which led to his loving Empress Akikonomu. Moreover, he also loved Tamakazura, another adopted daughter of Genji.
He regretted that she got married to Higekuro right before she served as Naishi no tsukasa (female palace attendants), so after his retirement, he took a daughter of Tamakazura as his wife and favored her. ('Takekawa' (Bamboo River))
After the death of Genji, he showed special favor to the bereaved Kaoru as well as the Empress Akikonomu, who did not have a child, in accordance with the will of Genji ('Nioumiya' (His Perfumed Highness)), but he did not know the secret concerning Kaoru's birth (therefore he seems to have taken Kaoru as his younger brother by a different mother).


The Empress Akikonomu (other names: Umetsubo no Nyogo (Lady Plum Pavilion), Saigu no nyogo (the high priestess of Ise)) --- a daughter of the previous Togu of the Emperor Kiritsubo, and her mother was Rokujo no Miyasudokoro. She was Saigu during the reign of the Emperor Suzaku. Her chamber for court lady was Gyokasha.

Kokiden no nyogo (the Empress Kokiden) --- a daughter of Tono Chujo (the first secretary's captain), and her mother was Shi no Kimi (the fourth daughter) of Udaijin (Minister of the Right) of the Emperor Kiritsubo. Kashiwagi and Kobai were her brother and sister with the same mother. The mother of Onna Ichinomiya.

O nyogo --- a daughter of Hyobukyo no Miya (His Highness of War). She was a sister of Murasaki no ue by a different mother. Her chamber for court lady was Jokyoden.

Sadaijin no nyogo (court lady of the Minister of the Left), Chunagon no musume (daughter of Middle Counselor), Saisho no musume (daughter of the prime minister) --- they appear in the chapter of 'Makibashira' (The Cypress Pillar).

Oigimi (In no nyogo, Miyasudokoro) --- the second daughter of Higekuro, and her mother was Tamakazura.
She appears only in the chapter of 'Takekawa.'
She entered the Imperial court after the retirement of the Emperor Reizei, and she gave birth to two children.

Prince and Princess

The first prince --- the son of Oigimi.
He was born in the chapter of 'Takekawa.'

The first princess --- the daughter of Kokiden no Nyogo.

The second princess --- the daughter of Oigimi.
She was born in the chapter of 'Takekawa.'

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