Entairyaku (園太暦)

Entairyaku is a diary of Kinkata TOIN, a court noble called 'Nakazono Dajodaijin' (Grand Minister) in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). The diary is also called 'Nakazono Shokoku-ki' (Records of Nakazono Grand Minister). It is the basic historical material for the period of the Northern and Southern Courts.


The diary ranges from February 1311 to March, 1360 (old calendar), and consists of 123 volumes. Most of the pages were dispersed and lost, but the original manuscript in his own handwriting is partly extant. Some extracts made by Chikanaga KANROJI and Sanetaka SANJONISHI (a nephew of Chikanaga) have survived too.

Because the writer Kinkata TOIN was Grand Minister, a high government official, and familiar with Yusoku-kojitsu (the study of the traditional protocol of the imperial court, courtiers, and leading warrior houses), he was often consulted by the emperor and court nobles, writing about activities on the Imperial court in detail during this time.

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