Fujiwara no Michinobu (藤原道信)

FUJIWARA no Michinobu (972-August 25, 994) was a court noble and a poet who lived during the mid-Heian period. He was the third son of Hojuji Daijo-daijin (Grand Minister of State) FUJIWARA no Tamemitsu. His mother was the daughter of Sessho (regent) FUJIWARA no Koretada. He was one of the Chuko Sanjurokkasen (medieval 36 Immortal Poets).

After he was adopted by his uncle, FUJIWARA no Kaneie, he celebrated his coming of age, becoming Sakon Chujo (Middle Captain of the Inner Palace Guards) with Jushiijo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade), but died young at the age of twenty-three. Amongst his friends were FUJIWARA no Kinto, FUJIWARA no Sanekata, and FUJIWARA no Nobukata.

His personal collection of poetry is the "Michinobu Ason shu" (A Collection of Michinobu Ason - second highest of the eight hereditary titles).

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