Funya no Asayasu (文屋朝康)

FUNYA no Asayasu (dates of birth and death unknown) was a Japanese poet of the mid-Heian period. His father was FUNYA no Yasuhide, who was one of the Rokkasen (six best waka poets) and one of the Chuko sanjurokkasen (the Medieval 36 Immortal Poets).

His biography and career is unknown beyond that he was appointed as Secretary of Suruga Province in 892 and Otoneri no taijo (Senior Secretary of the Bureau of Royal Attendants) in 902. He was active in waka circles just before the 'Kokin Wakashu' (Collection of Ancient and Modern Poems) was compiled, and composed poems at the 'Kanpyo no ontoki kisai no miya no uta-awase' (Poetry Contest Held by the Consort in the Kanpyo Era) and the 'Koresada Shinno-ke Uta-awase' (Poetry contest sponsored by the family of Imperial Prince Koresada). However, as for chokusen wakashu (anthologies of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command), only one poem was selected for 'Kokin Wakashu' and two poems were selected for 'Gosen Wakashu' (Later selected collection of Japanese poetry).

"Ogura Hyakunin Isshu" ("The Ogura's Sequence of One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets")
37. The dew on the leaves scattered over the windy field in autumn look like pearls spread all over the field without being threaded through by a string. ('Gosen Wakashu' Autumn (2), 308)

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