Funya no Yasuhide (文屋康秀)

FUNYA no Yasuhide (year of birth unknown - c. 885) was a waka poet in the early Heian period and one of Rokkasen (six best waka poets) and the 36 Immortal Poets.

He was a child of FUNYA no Muneyuki. FUNYA no Asayasu was his child. He was said to be appointed to Nuidono no suke (Assistant Director in the Bureau of the Wardrobe and Court Ladies [equivalent to Shorokuinoge, or Senior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade]) as a government official, but he remained a government worker in a low rank.

In "Kokin Wakashu" Kanajo (Preface of Kokinwakashu written in kana by KI no Tsurayuki), it was written that "his poems are excellent, but his appearance is not good enough, as a merchant wearing good cloth." Five of his poems were selected for "Kokinshu" (Collection of Ancient and Modern) and one poem for "Gosen Wakashu" (Later selected collection of Japanese poetry). However, two of his poems in "Kokinshu" were said to be composed by his son, Asayasu. He was said to be close to ONO no Komachi and asked her for a company when he left for his assignment in Mikawa Province.

Representative works
When the wind blows, autumn leaves of trees and grasses are withered away. That is why people call the mountain wind storm. I have myself exposed to spring sunlight, but it is lonesome to have my head become snowy.

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