Godai Teio Monogatari (Stories of Five Reigns and Their Emperors) (五代帝王物語)

Godai Teio Monogatari is a historical tale which was written in the late Kamakura period and arranged in chronological order. It is also called "Godaiki," "Godaioki," or "Godai Teioki," etc. The author is unknown.

The word 'Godai' included in the title refers to the Emperor Gohorikawa, the Emperor Shijo, the Emperor Gosaga, the Emperor Gofukakusa, and the Emperor Kameyama. It followed the style of "Rokudai Shojiki" (war tales concerning six Emperors), but in fact, it does not have many articles about the first two Emperors. The article about the last Emperor Kameyama ends with a series of events concerning the Emperor Gosaga's funeral service, so there is an opinion that it was written by the Emperor (Cloistered Emperor) Gosaga's close aide. On the other hand, there is a view that the author was somebody who supported the Emperor Kameyama and his descendants, Daikakuji-to (Imperial lineage starting with the Emperor Kameyama), because the author did not pay much attention to the Emperor Fushimi (a son of the Emperor Gofukakusa; after the enthronement of the Crown Prince of the Emperor Kameyama, he was made a new Crown Prince by the retired Emperor Gofukakusa), although the author knew that he would be an Emperor later.

"Masukagami" (The Clear Mirror), which was written later, contains a part that seems to be written, referring to "Godai Teio Monogatari."

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