Gonki (権記)

"Gonki" is a diary of FUJIWARA no Yukinari, who lived during the middle of the Heian period. The diary is also called Yukinarigyoki and Gondainagonki. Gonki was written when FUJIWARA no Michinaga was at the height of his prosperity and is an important historical document that describes the conditions of the Imperial Court of the time.

The diary, which is missing a number of writings, reveals events running from 991 to 1017. The actual diary written by Yukinari does not exist anymore. The oldest reprint is one that was copied before the Kamakura period and is owned by the Archives and Mausolea Department of the Imperial Household Agency. Other diaries written during the same period are "Shoyuki" (FUJIWARA no Sanesuke) and "Midokanpakuki" (FUJIWARA no Michinaga).

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