Hayano Hajin (早野巴人)

Hajin HAYANO (1676 - July 7, 1742) was a poet of haiku (a Japanese poem in 17 syllables having a 5-7-5 syllabic form and traditionally containing a reference to the seasons) who lived during the Edo period. He was a mentor of Buson YOSA. Later he called himself Soa YAHANTEI.

Brief Personal History

Born in Karasuyama, Nasu County, Shimotsuke Province (the present Nasukarasuyama City, Tochigi Prefecture). There is an opinion that he was born in 1677.

When he was young (around nine years old), he went to Edo and was determined to learn haikai (popular linked verse).
In 1689, he traveled along Basho MATSUO's 'Narrow Road to the Deep North.'

He returned to Edo again, and studied haikai under Kikaku TAKARAI and Ransetsu HATTORI.

In 1727, he moved to Kyoto.

Encouraged by Ganto ISAOKA, he returned to Edo in 1737, and set up Yahantei at Hongoku-cho, Nihonbashi. At this time he decided to call himself Soa. Buson YOSA, who had just arrived at Edo, became his pupil around this time.

He died of disease on July 7, 1742. Died at the age of 67.
His farewell poem was 'I'm not sure whether a paradise awaits in the far west or not.'


Ichiyamatsu (literally, One-night pine)

Shinyu Saitan (literally, New year of Shinyu [58th year of the sexagenary cycle])

Haikai Momozakura (literally, peach and cherry trees in Haiku world)

Yahantei Hokkucho (after the death of Hajin HAYANO, Ganto and other pupils edited this work)

And so on.

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