Hanafubuki (花吹雪)

Hanafubuki is the state in which flower petals are falling like a snowstorm.


In Japan, the word 'hana (flower)' traditionally refers to cherry blossom especially in haiku (seventeen-syllable poem) and waka (thirty-one-syllable poem), so 'hanafubuki' specifically refers to cherry blossoms in full bloom falling like a snowstorm.

In the field of haiku, cherry blossoms falling like a snowstorm is regarded as a scenery distinctive of spring (in particular the season between late spring to early summer), so "hanafubuki" is designated as a kigo (a word depicting a season) for spring.

Usage in photograph sticker makers

Namco Bandai Games Inc. produced sticker makers large enough for one to step into named 'Hanafubuki' and 'Hanafubuki 2.'
In 2007, the latest version 'Hanafubuki New' was released.

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