Hanazono Tenno Shinki (The Records of Emperor Hanazono) (花園天皇宸記)

Hanazono Tenno Shinki is a diary of Emperor Hanazono.

The diary covers twenty three years from October 1310 to November 1332 (old calendar). It is an important historical material in the late Kamakura period. Emperor Hanazono himself called this diary "Tokanki."
Although there are many variant titles such as "Emperor Hanazono Diary" and "Hanazono in Shinki," the book was entered under the title of "Hanazono in Shinki" in "A Complete Catalogue of Books in Japanese" (published by Iwanami Shoten)
There are three kinds of reprinted books as follows (in the order of published date): "Ressei Zenshu" (Complete Works of Canonized People), (Ressei Zenshu Compilation Committee, 1915-1917, based on the treasured books of old families), "Grand Collection of Historical Materials, Continued" 33, 34 (Naigai Shoseki, 1938, mostly based on "Ressei Zenshu"), and "Historical Materials Compiled" 62, 66, 80, (Classified Documents, Continued Completing Committee, 1982-1986, based on the book owned by the Archive and Mausolea Department, Imperial Household Agency). A Supplement to the "Grand Collection of Historical Materials" (volume 2 and 3) published by the Rinsen Book Co. in 1965 was almost like a reprinted edition of "Grand Collection of Historical Materials."

Most of the extant manuscripts were written in the Emperor Hanazono's own hand. It is an essential historical material to study Emperor Godaigo's activities because of its rich and detailed records on the Shochu Incident and Genko Incident.

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